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About Us

constantly changes and develops.

SK F&C will continue to change and develop through steady R&D and new product development.

Starting TPU Sheet business from Seo Kwang Chemicals in 1996.

Thank you for visiting SK F&C. website. SK F&C is a front-runner producer of high quality TPU films, laminating films, breathable films, and etc.

SK F&C has done its best to adjust to changing markets while increasing the quality of its products and investing the facilities including 3-layer-extrusion machines made by Davis Standard.

We've made every effort to complete customer satisfaction supplying the highly qualified products and guaranteeing the delivery terms. We will continue to develop eco-friendly material and also try to preserve the environment.

We launch into a market with 'T-MAX', SeoKwang TPU's registered trademark for its products. T-MAX is made up 'T' from TPU and 'MAX' from Maximum.
With its name, we always perservere in our efforts to satisfy customer's demand and do the endless research and development for the new products.

Thank you very much.

All employees of SK F&C