SK F&C Co., Ltd. leads the industry with customer trust and the best technology.


A company that fulfills its social responsibilities through win-win management

Get spread with good works
① To build virtue is to encourage each other and to develop without hesitation.
② Practice responsible management by strengthening capabilities through job training.
③ Practice customized service.

Keep pace with others
① We plan in a win-win relationship and carry out the meaning of the business well.
② We aim for SK F&C in the world through technological innovation and global business promotion.
③ We will respond to changes in the times by developing eco-friendly products.

Fulfil our responsibility
① As responsible management, we should put talented people in the right place and practice responsible management.
② TPU's high commercialization strategy will increase technical product value.
③ We aim for high quality of our products due to in-house process development and field automation.