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T-MAX with high elasticity and abrasion resistance and Low low-temperature embrittlement temperature.

Ranges of Products

Ranges of Products
Thickness Width Hardness
0.02mm-2mm 36"-80"(inch) 60A-70D(shore)

T-MAX approved by SGS that it does not detected any hazardous substance as Benzene, Toluene, Xylene, NN-DMF, or VOC's. You can see this result on the SGS report we got.

T-MAX(TPU Films)

What is T-MAX

'T-MAX', SK F&C's registered trademark for its TPU products, is made up 'T' from TPU and "MAX' from Maximum. It means that it is a premium quality TPU film and sheet.


High Elasticity, Abrasion resistance, High transparency, Softness, high elongating rate, Good antibiotic, Freezing resistance, Oil and grease resistance, Excellent tensile strength, High frequency adhesive bond, Vacuum forming, Heat embossment welding

Uses of T-MAX

① Polymer TPU Film

- Medical (Medifoam)

② Anytex

- Mountaineering Clothing

③ Air Cell

- Mask Pack, Sap Bag

④ Electric, Electronic

- Speakers, Woofers, LCD protective film, Car paint protective film