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Improving technology through new material development has been the biggest driving force of SK F&C.

SK F&C Central Laboratory

We are trying to keep developing our technology With this effort, we can supply our best products to customers and develop a new one. The technology is the first requisite for survival.

Result of Research

Result of Research
Development date Research contents
1997. 05. Succeeded in developing water supply & drain pipe for the first time in Korea
1997. 11. Succeeded in laminating with TPU for the first time in Korea
1998. 01. Succeeded in developing an aircell textile for the massage chair of Faimily Co.,Ltd Japan
1999. 02. Succeeded in developing hotmelt sheet for the shoe toecap for the first time in Korea
2001. 09. Succeeded in developing 0.02mm(thickness) TPU Film
2001. 10. Succeeded in producing sheet for high frequency cutting
2002. 10. Developing textile for Philips Co.'s cartridge
2002. 11. Developing key-pad film for mobile phone for the first time in Korea
2008. 10. Development of Multi-Max (Multilayer-hotmelt film) (Patented)


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