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T-MAX HM with very strong adhesion and heat resistance


T-MAX HM, SK F&C's hot melt adhesive film, is available for various parts as shoes, apparel, automobile, electronics, sports gears and other industries with superior quality and and various thickness.

It is used for bonding metal, shoesole, fabric, wood, plastic because of its elasticity, solidity, feverresistance, and anti-abration. In these days, Hotmelt is widely used for it does not detected any hazardous substence. In other words, This is environmetal-friendly.

Uses of T-MAX HM

① Polyurethane Hot Malt(TPU)

- Span clothing (leggings, swimwear)

② Polyester Hot Malt(PES)

- Transfer film (overlay film), zipper fluorescent frame, fire fighting clothing, cloth fabric reinforcement film (for garment shoulder decoration)

③ Polyamide Hot Malt(PA)

- Piano Keyboard, Interior Film


- For attaching shoe soles (insoles) and fabrics, for attaching between insoles and fabrics and infant mats

⑤ Web hot malt(PES, PA, etc.)

- Diaper bending section, breathable underwear

⑥ High elasticity Hot Malt(TPU, PA, PES, etc.)

- Spun Apparel